Mewar's well-known Krishna Dham Shree Sawaliyaji's temple is located in Mandfia village of Panchayat Samiti Bhadesar of Chittorgarh district, famous for devotion, power, bravery and sacrifice of Rajasthan province. Devotees from different parts of the country always visit here throughout the year for darshan.

According to the historical facts, public legends and legends of this miraculous idol of Bhagwan Shree Sawaliyaji, Mewar's overlord Rana Sangramsingh died in Vikram Samvat 1584 after a long war with Babur. Mirabai's worldly husband Bhojraj also lived for seven to eight years after marriage. Her parents also passed away and Mirabai was left alone. At that time, a group of saints and sages, traveling in different parts of the country, arrived in the Mewar region. There were four idols of Girdhar Gopal Shree Sawaliyaji near the group of these sages. These idols were worshiped everyday by the Jamaat with complete religious rituals and hymns and kirtans used to take place. In which devotees used to participate in large numbers.

On the arrival and encampment of this Jamaat along with the four idols of Shri Sanvaliya ji at a delightful green covered place on the banks of river Bedach near Chittor, innumerable devotees from the surrounding areas flocked to see them and they started rejoicing with hymns and kirtans. Coincidentally, Bhaktimati Meera also got the opportunity of satsang with this Jamaat. One of the four idols of Shri Sawaliya ji in the Jamaat attracted Meera's heart. She kept gazing at the idol of this charming Sanwalia ji, playing her veena, dancing and singing bhajans and "santan dhing sit baithi lok laj khoi". Walking she went to Vrindavan while according to another belief she went to Dwarka (Gujarat) where she merged with Lord Shri Dwarkadhish while flowing the stream of devotional juice.

Here, that community of saints and sages kept on traveling with all the four idols including the small idol of Sawariya ji, who was enthralling Meera. These four idols were with the group of a saint named Dayaram. Time passed, months passed, years passed, and so on. When Emperor Aurangzeb also came to know about these idols, his army destroyed the Hindu temples and broke the idols.

And fragmenting it came till Chittorgarh. To protect these four adorable idols, seeing Saint Dayaram's group coming forward and Aurangzeb's Mughal army chasing them, with the inspiration of God, Dayaram's group took ten fifteen under a banyan tree near Bagund village near Bhadsoda. Digging a feet deep pit, all the four idols were placed in it, and after filling it with soil, the saints collected dhuni at that place and engaged in bhajan-kirtan. The Mughal army came but could not find the idols and moved ahead. Considering the idols to be safe, the Jamaat continued to encamp there, bhajan-kirtan continued. Later on, the chief Mahant of the Jamaat passed away. Later, other saints also left from there one by one but all the four idols remained safe in the ground under the banyan tree.

According to legends and legends, about 250 years ago, a cowherd named Bholiram Gurjar, a resident of Mandfia village, had a dream that four idols were buried in the ground under a banyan tree located in the Chappar of Bagund village. According to God's inspiration, the said Bholiram Gurjar went to the village and told the residents of Mandafia and a group of residents of village Mandafia went and met the villagers of Bagund. When Bholiram Gurjar was told about the dream, suddenly no one believed, yet the people of both the villages reached the place told by Bholiram Gurjar, at that time the people of village Bhadsoda also got the information, the dead people of village Bhadsoda also reached the said place. Have reached With the help of the people of all the three villages, the said place was excavated and four idols were found 10-15 feet below the ground, then the people present there were surprised. The dream came true. The people present were filled with joy. The present crowd started hailing Shri Sanwaliyaji. Out of these four idols, one got broken while digging the pit, which was put in the same pit. Whereas the remaining three idols were taken out from the place of manifestation. After discussing with each other, out of these three idols, one idol was placed at the place of appearance, Bagund, and the second idol at village Bhadsoda and the third beautiful idol, the residents of village Mandfia, made a big splash. Along with Dham and hailing Srisawaliya Seth, they brought Mandafiya. The idol of Shri Sawaliyaji was temporarily placed in Parende located in the house of devotee Bholiram Gurjar. Temporarily kept in the house of devotee Bholiram in Mandafia village, there is the same idol of Shri Sanwaliyaji which charmed the heart of devotee Meera and whom she used to dance ecstatically looking at. She used to sing bhajan-kirtan. In the second half of the 16th century of Vikram Samvat, the saga of the miracles of the statue of Sanvaliyaji, which captivated the devotee Meera, slowly started spreading.

Crossing the limits of the Mandaphia region, it started spreading far and wide and the number of devotees coming to see it kept on increasing.

It was accepted as a miraculous idol among the people. Day-by-day, due to the increasing number of devotees visiting Prabhu Shree Sawaliyaji, after discussing with the prominent devotees of village Mandafiya and sixteen nearby villages, this miraculous idol was removed from the parenda of devotee Bholiram Gurjar and complete religious rituals were carried out. , After worshiping, a raw temple was built near a well near the house of devotee Bholiram and established in an auspicious time.

Formation of executive committee

In view of the expansion of the income and work of the temple, in the year 1956, the registration of Shree Sawaliyaji Mandir Prabandhakarini Committee was done. A trust was formed with 65 members from 16 nearby villages including village Mandaphia. With the formation of the trust, the income of the temple started increasing drastically. Due to the increase in the number of devotees, in 1961-62, instead of the crude Kelupos temple, a huge pucca temple was constructed. In the year 1980-84, in this huge pucca temple, a very beautiful and eye-catching work of glass was done. From 1956 to 2 December 1991, this temple was looked after by the Management Committee and many development works were done.

Acquisition by the state government and constitution of the board

With the increase in the income of Shree Sawliyaji Mandir Mandal and the pace of expansion of work and visit of devotees, such conditions were created, due to which on December 3, 1991, after taking over the Shree Sawliyaji Temple by the Government of Rajasthan, the Board was established in the name of Shree Sawliyaji Mandir Mandal Mandafia. was formed.

Grand temple construction

Due to the increasing traffic of devotees to visit Shri Sawaliyaji, the main temple and the surrounding premises seem to be very narrow and in view of the convenience and orderliness of the visitors, in 1996, the then temple board management, with the help of the city planning department, Udaipur, started the temple expansion and campus development. The outline of the scheme was prepared and the affected people were rehabilitated after land acquisition and a compensation of three crore thirty four lakh rupees was given. Earth

After the acquisition, the construction work of a grand new temple on the lines of Gujarat's Akshar Dham is in progress since 2000, on which about Rs 50 crore is proposed to be spent

Major religious festivals of the temple

Various traditional religious festivals are organized throughout the year in Shri Sawaliyaji. Mainly on the occasion of Janmashtami, Jal-Jhulni Ekadashi, a three-day huge fair, Diwali and Annakoot Devuthani Ekadashi, Nirjala Ekadashi, Devshayani Ekadashi Holi, Sharad Purnima Basant Panchami Mahashivratri etc. festivals are organized in a grand manner with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Every month on Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha, the Bhandar (donation box) of Shrisanwalia Seth is opened and Mahaprasad is organized every month on Amavasya.

Public welfare work

The amount of income received from Shri Sawaliyaji's Bhandar is not only spent on temple construction and religious works, but a large part of this income is spent on public welfare works, such as construction of temples, connectivity roads, drinking water, lights and school buildings in sixteen affiliated villages. There is expenditure on organizing religious festivals etc. Huge free surgical camps are organized, free eye medical camps are organized and financial assistance is given to the people suffering from serious diseases belonging to poor and backward classes. A huge amount is spent on the operation of the huge Gauseva Sadan. In Mandafiya (Shri Sawaliyaji) village, huge community health center building, college building, upper primary school building, girls upper primary school building, upper primary school building, huge Shri Sawaliyaji bus stand first class veterinary hospital building etc. have been constructed. In the category of District Headquarters, Chittorgarh, a grant of Rs. 2.5 crore was given for the construction work of Government Public Hospital and a grant of Rs. And financial assistance is provided for the treatment of the helpless people.

There are many legends about the miracles of Prabhu Shri Sawaliya Seth and many people are still present as eyewitnesses of many miracles.

Ghee cake

Near the sanctum sanctorum of Prabhu Shree Savaliya, a well is still located on the right and south side, which is known as "Ghee" well. Many elders and many enlightened people of the village

Citizens keep narrating their stories that once on the day of Annakoot, all the other necessary ingredients were in sufficient quantity to make Malpua, but ghee became less due to the large number of pilgrims coming. Ghee could not be available in the vicinity even after devotee Bholiram's efforts, it was also not possible to get ghee from outside immediately due to lack of means of transport. Bholaram Prabhu Shree Sawaliya Seth reached the door of Kinkartavya Vimoodh. Before he called out to Mr. Sawaliya Seth, a very old gentleman standing at the door asked Bholaram why Ahmedabad was so upset and nervous. Bhola Ram explained the reason for his trouble. On this, the old man inspired that take out water as per requirement from the nearby well and after the arrangements are done, put the same amount of ghee back in the same well. Bholaram did the same. The water of Kui became ghee as soon as it fell into the pan and malpuas were made as needed. The ceremony of Sanand Annukoot was completed, all the people who gave inspiration started looking for that old man, but he was nowhere to be found. It was an illusional miracle of Prabhu Shri Sawaliya Seth that after hearing the solution of Bholaram's problem in the guise of an old man, he merged into the miraculous idol. More than this miracle, a miracle was seen when Bhola Ram, after arranging the ghee, again put the same amount of ghee in the well as told by the old man. The ghee poured into the Kui mixed with the water instead of floating on it. One of the miracles of Prabhu Shree Sawaliya Seth, this well has been preserved and preserved even in the new grand temple construction plans.

Wonderful miracle

In the year 1992, the then Chief Minister Honorable Bhairo Singh Shekhawat made his debut in Mandaphia by participating in the flag hoisting at the peak of the temple Shrisawaliyaji. The darshan of Prabhu Shree Sawaliyaji Seth remains closed from 12 noon to 2.30 pm. The Chief Minister expressed his desire to have darshan, at that time it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The priest was called in a hurry. An attempt was made to open the lock on the door of the temple. Despite a lot of efforts, the lock on the sanctum sanctorum could not be opened, but as soon as the lock was opened with the same key at 2.30 am, the present visitors started cheering after seeing this miracle. Honorable Shekhawat Saheb was also overwhelmed by this dignified miracle and only after having darshan of Prabhu Shri Sawaliya Seth, he left for further journey.

The miracle of the donation box

A donation box is kept near the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum of Prabhu Shri Sawaliya Seth. Standing near whom we see the Lord and put money/jewellery in the gift box (donation box) as per our wish. On the Chaturdashi of every Krishna Paksha, the Bhandar (donation box) is opened after the Rajbhog Arti in the presence of thousands of devotees and visitors, temple board officers/employees, bank employees. In the mandap in the middle of the temple, the money taken out of the store (donation box) is piled up and sorted and counted. Ever since the work of construction of the grand temple of Prabhu Shree Sawaliya Seth has started, since then the amount coming out of the treasury (donation box) has increased gradually and the amount comes out to more than one crore rupees in a month. In view of this increase, a 125 kg grand and artistic silver storage (donation box) with the capacity of collecting an amount of about five crores has been established near the gate of Prabhu Shri Sawaliya Seth. The increasing amount of money in the treasury (donation box) of Shri Sawaliya Seth is a direct proof that Lord Shri Sawaliya Seth fulfills the desires of his devotees and nourishes the devotion of the devotees with his miracles. are the store (donation box) of Mr. Savaliyaji is unique. The more the expenses increase, the more the expenses decrease.